finally figured it out

The other day when my sister and I were sitting around in my bedroom like it was our job, I finally figured out what’s wrong with my bedroom. Aside from needing to be painted something other than beigiest beige.

It doesn’t match the style of my house.

It was a total EUREKA! I have found it! moment. I was completely excited as I explained my rationale to my sister. She, being the kind, yet sarcastic person that she is, handled it all well and without too much boredom or irritation.

See, the problem is that it has a vaulted ceiling with all kinds of funky off-center angles and whatnot…

bdrm 1

…which is a very contemporary look, yet the style of the house is more traditional. It’s always bothered me and I finally put my finger on the problem after a mere 6.5 years.

bdrm 3

Um yeah, I am taking these pictures from my bed. Don’t be a hater! It’s Saturday morning!

Needless to say, I was dancing around with joy, trying to explain all of this to my sister. She was OK with my explanation, but I didn’t think she was understanding the seriousness of this discovery. I mean this is right up there with gravity, the New World, and the human genome project.

One thing she did understand and agree with me wholeheartedly is my opinion on plant ledges. They’re stupid. Giant dust collectors. Only look good in model homes with a set of 3 giant vases (pronounced “VAH-zez”).

bdrm 2

All of this angled, vaulted, plant-ledged goodness in a lame attempt for the builder to make the room seem bigger – soaring ceilings, decorative spaces – when the room is plenty big and most people just want to cozy bedroom anyway. A tray ceiling would have been a better option, or maybe even just a plain old flat ceiling.

So my answer is to paint not just the walls (gray), but also the ceiling. Of course this kind of thinking gives people angst. When I mentioned it to my teenage daugther, she shouted “No!” My sister was more diplomatic and suggested that perhaps I paint the walls first to see how I like the color.

Phooey. Go big or go home! (I’m already home, but you know what I mean.)

Anyway, I think that painting the ceiling will give the room a more cohesive look – tie it all together. With so many angles, crown molding would look odd, plus it would accentuate the contrast of styles (contemporary vs traditional) and not in the good, throw-in-something-funky-when-you’re-decorating way.

And the white ceiling is so vast and “soaring,” I’m concerned that it would still be the focus of the room…

bdrm 6

Now, I must admit that I am slightly concerned that the room will be too dark and that I might lie in bed, look up, and feel like my coffin lid is closing down on me, but the room has plenty of light, so it should be OK. Plus the single color should help to play down all of the many overly dramatic angles.

Notice this…

bdrm 4

…that’s where Estelle is going to live…


And notice this…

bdrm 5

…no, your eyes do not deceive you. That is, indeed, a smoke detector place approximately 12 feet off the ground for easy battery upkeep. And let me assure you that said smoke detector never started chirping during daylight hours. Last time it was 11pm on a school night that had me running to the grocery store for batteries. I’m sure it’s probably placed so high based on some building code, but I also have to point out that it’s the perfect placement in the event that someone bursts into flames while attending to the plant ledge.

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